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    • Our Island has a large population of world wide travelers.   We have a highly educated, 20% with master degree and above, a population consisting of  retires ,over 13% as of 2000 census, who travel for training and education reasons  in emerging countries, a work force that travel world wide for business and a young generation who travel as exchange students, personal learning and  in the peace corp.   Each personal travels for different purposes and each experience these countries in a different way.   
    •  In 2008, STOV  tapped into this island's knowledge of emerging countries, by presenting   "Evening in …Series" This educational program consisted  of three evenings  over a thee month period covering the countries: Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, India and the  Himalayas.    At the "Evening in Series" presenters discussed their experiences and all participants discussed their own experiences  or brought to the tale their questions and concerns before traveling to these countries. We also invited the Vashon Travel Agency to speak briefly on their travel experiences to these countries  giving go0d reason for our residents to utilize this business in their future travels   
    • This educational program addressed the area of residents learning more about the abundant knowledge we have about emerging countries and how residents can assist each other in preparing for future travels to these emerging countries.  This program addressed the STOV's goal.. to promote economically viable, culturally/environmentally responsible courses and activities (STOV) that will provide an avenue for Vashon/Maury islands to increase equitable employment opportunities to islanders .  The time spent on this educational program was done by  board members.

 Upcoming in Winter of 2009 2010   Israel  and Turkey  

Vietnam Series  - April 2008


Laos and Myanmar -March 2008


Northern India - From Rajasthan to Himalayas - February 2008

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