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Communication/ Outreach Programs -Library – Past Educational Workshops & Events

Communicatons/Outreach Programs


Sustainable Tourism On Vashon sends a monthly ENewsletter to requested individuals and sponsors.

Recognition: Paul Harris Fellow

Recipient of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International  Paul Harris Fellow  in appreciation of tangible and significant t assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of Vashon.

Local Outreach Program : Buy Local Products

STOV yearly publishes "Top Ten Reasons To Buy Locally" In the  Annual Holiday Season publication for Vashon published by Vashon Island Beachcomber newspaper.

Local Outreach Program: Vashon Farmers Market

Sustainable Tourism on Vashon Volunteer Speakers Bureau participate during the summer months at the Vashon 's Saturday Farmers Market.  STOV's volunteers' outreach program provides:

  • information about the location of up- pick farms and what is available at that time of year and  a list of farmer stands around the island during the week
  • information on upcoming STOV's speaker's bureau events
  •  trail maps for hiking on Vashon provided by our Vashon Land Trust and the park district for everyone to explore are natural habitats
  • the best spots to observe our birds, Vashon has over 239 species on the island.

Website -Special Events Section building a A unique guide aimed at helping visitors to  make responsible choices on eco-friendly  activities and events.


Sustainable Tourism on Vashon's eLibrary provides information on Sustainable Travel books, Vashon-Maury Island books and Sustainable Tourism Eco-Certification.

Walks,Trails, and Parks on Vashon Island

is a guide to the shoreline, public parks, and roads of this Puget Sound Island.  Published by the Vashon Park District.  All proceeds go to the Park to Parks and scroll down for ordering.


In the U.S. more than half of all adults say they would be more likely to select an ... hotel business  that uses more environmentally friendly products and processes (US Travel Association and Y Partnership, 2007). Sustainable Travel International has developed the Sustainable Tourism Eco-Certification Program™ (STEP), an eco-certification program offered by a non-profit organization, which is aligned with the minimum baseline Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) and impending global accreditation.  Click on the attached link to get further information   Sustainable Travel International


Past Educational Workshops & Events


Education Workshops and Events  All Sustainable Tourism On Vashon active workshops and events are listed separately in the Education Section of STOV's website.

Past Education Workshops and Events

Reweaving the Fabric of Community

Sustainable Tourism on Vashon Volunteer Speakers Bureau was one of the educator's with a booth and participator in discussions at the public forum called " Reweaving the Fabric of Community" held on Saturday, April 25, 2009.   This program addressed issues such as:

      • affordable housing
      •  building networks of organic growers
      •  renewable energy projects to establish solar energy installations on the island;
      • Vashon as a model for sustainable practices. 

Various organizations were represented; non-profit's brought their ideas and suggestions during the sessions throughout the day.  STOV focused on discussions concerning energy projects and sustainable practices.

From this forum Sustainable Tourism will; pioneer energy saving transportation by improving and promoting bicycling on Vashon to reduce our carbon footprint and promote and healthier lifestyle and partner with Sociology Education  and Demonstration School on the educational program of the Vashon Green Map Project.


STOV's Volunteer Speakers Bureau:  "EVENING IN ..  SERIES" Program

Our Island has a large population of world wide travelers.   We have a highly educated, 20% with master degree and above, a population consisting of  retires ,over 13% as of 2000 census, who travel for training and education reasons  in emerging countries, a work force that travel world wide for business and a young generation who travel as exchange students, personal learning and  in the peace corp.   Each personal travels for different purposes and each experience these countries in a different way.   

    • In 2008, STOV tapped into this island's knowledge of emerging countries, by presenting   "Evening in …Series" This first Volunteer Speakers Bureau educational program consisted of three evenings over a three month period covering the countries: Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, India and the Himalayas.    At the "Evening in Series" events presenters and participants:
          •  shared experiences, knowledge and awareness of the culture of the counties they visited .
          •  brought to light ways for visitors to donate their time to the local people of these countries.
          • brought travelers together for assistance in preparing for future travels.

Poetry Fest On Vashon Island  2009

Sustainable Tourism on Vashon sponsored the First Poetry Fest on Vashon Island,. The Poetry Fest was held during May 21st – 25th , 2009 .and was  a community effort to recognize our  poets as well as  promote, enjoy, and recognize the genius of poetry . Vashon is an island of poets from the young to adult.

  • This Poetry Fest started with a student open mic format and continued with workshops held by Island poets,  and state of Washington's Poet




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